Really good game similar to Risk


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Risk is one of the most played boardgame in history. The goal of the player in Risk is to conquer all the territories in the map. TripleA is a Risk-like game developed in Java that allows you to play against the computer or against other player through Internet or intranet.

Throw those famous dices that decides what will happen in the battle, place your warriors, defend yourself, place your companies and move them on the map with the only goal of conquering all the territories. Be the emperor of the TripleA world.

TripleA features several kind of battle teams, and it even includs some kind of army which are not included in Risk, because you can even use the oceans to attack and defend your territories.

Choose the map among the different one included and the kind of match. The war is about to start and you'll be in it, so prepare yourself, catch the dices and try to be the new emperor of the TripleA world.
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